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Strike K9 is a busy organization. We practice as a team at least once per week and we are called out on missions throughout the year.

Photo Journal

The links below will take you to, where you can see a photo essay of each event.



Strike K-9 Goes to SAR-EX 2003


Strike K-9 joins Mock Search - October 2002


Strike K-9 goes to SAREX '02

Stopping to rest at a farm, two little girls came out to give us this picture.

Strike K-9 Goes to Springfield (December 2001)

Ayla is coy for the camera

Strike K-9 Goes to State College (November 2001)

Howard Command Truck

Strike K-9 Goes to Beech Creek - October 2001

Missing man collage

Strike K-9 Goes to Freeland - September 2001

Bartonsville command post

Strike K-9 Goes to Bartonsville September 2001

Strike K-9 Goes To Hazleton, August 2001

Strike K-9 Goes to Hazleton August 2001

A happy ending

Strike K-9 Goes to Rebersburg July 2001



Our Favorite Pictures


Stokes practice at the Mock Search

At Rebersburg, the landowner helps develop our search plan.

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