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Here's how to avoid getting lost... and how to survive if you do.

Tell an adult where you are going

Always let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be back.

Carry shelter

A big plastic trash bag is easily carried in a pocket. Tear a hole in the closed end and slip your head through. Wear the bag like a poncho.

Hug a tree

As soon as you realize you are lost, stop walking and "hug" a tree, that is, stay put. Searchers will look for you first at the last place you were seen. The closer you are to that place, the quicker you will be found.

Save body energy

Curl up like an animal in the cold. Snuggle against a tree, log, rock, or hill, anything that will give you shelter from the wind.

Other suggestions:

Carry your Strike K-9 whistle!

Wear bright clothing.

Record the imprints of your shoe soles on aluminum foil and leave that at camp before going out.

Choose your tree near a clearing where you can be seen easily.

Arrange rocks, limbs or other materials in a giant cross or arrow pointing to your position.

Finally, a word to parents:

Teach your children that they will not be punished for getting lost. There are cases of children who hid from searchers, fearing they were in for parental trouble. Parents should also teach children that when they are lost is the one time it is all right to speak to strangers.

Carry your Strike K-9 whistle

Carry a trash bag with you. You can use it as a poncho.

hug a tree and survive!

Snuggle up to conserve heat.

Put your footprint into a piece of aluminum foil.

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Photos and Stories

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