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A frantic family member dials 911 to report a missing loved one. Your department is dispatched to the scene. Strike K-9 is one of your resources. Trained air scent dogs can cover more ground faster and with greater certainty than humans.

When a search is in its beginning stages, you need qualified people who can work effectively under your command.

Bartonsville Command Center September 2001

As you organize the search, you can use a combination of Bloodhound and air scent dogs, hasty teams, and perimeter containment to close in on your subject.

Sample Search Plan

A well-organized search casts a net over an area where the subject is likely to be found. Each component of the net - Fire, Police, and Search and Rescue - needs to tie in to the others to keep the subject from slipping through.


We know how to work with your fire, police, or SAR organization. For more information, education, or a demonstration, contact us.

Contact Strike K-9

Our goal is to bring your search to a successful conclusion.


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