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Meet the Dogs of Strike K-9



Hi, I�m Honey Gallery, and my mom and handler is Patty Gallery.  I like to play in the water.  I was born March 4, 2006 and I am a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I first started in Search and Rescue when I was 14 weeks old.  My mom says one of my most mischievous moments was when I opened the donut box and picked out the one I wanted.  I didn�t even move the box and no one knew I stole it till a few days later.  I�m very strong and, honestly, don�t mean to pull people into the water with me.  Did I mention that I like the water?  My favorite things to do are to play in the water with the other search dogs on our team, counter surf when no one is watching, and play with my flying squirrel. I don�t live with any other animals � I have the house all to myself!  Mom says I�m very stubborn.  My motto is, �My way � alright � I�ll try it your way!�





Hi my name is Munsee!  My mom and handler, Paula Moore, also calls me Baby Girl or Sweet Pea sometimes.  I was born December 15, 2006 and I am a German Shepherd.  I started training as a search dog when I was only 3 months old.  I am a trailing dog and take great priding working.  I recently passed my second trailing test.  My mom was so proud of me! I�m a really good girl, but sometimes I can be a little mischievous, like the time my mom was getting ready for training and I stole the treats. I love people and all the attention that I get!  I also love cheerios and by favorite toy is a firehose tug.  I also love to play keep away.

My name is Keele. I am a Border Collie and I was born January 29, 2007. I was named after my Great-Great Grandfather and I come from a long line of sheep dogs. I live with my mom and handler, Wanda Keppler, my dad, and my big sister Bella, who is also a Search Dog. My favorite person in the whole world is my mom, and I follow her everywhere. I started the search game when I was 9 months old, right when my mom adopted me. My family calls me �The Brat� because my favorite thing to do is to steal my sister�s toys. She gets really upset and barks at me. Once I went for a really long swim in the big river and my mom got really worried. When I can, I like to sneak out of the house, and sometimes my parents don�t even know I�m gone. My mom says I am very smart but that I don�t always show it. I am a Mama�s Boy!


 I am Quinn, the �Little Man.� I am a Yellow Labrador Retriever and I was born January 5, 2008. Vikki Coup is my mom and handler. My favorite toy is a floating boomerang that my Aunt Brenda gave me. If it is food, it is my favorite. Once I ate a w-h-o-l-e raw spaghetti squash! I really like to go swimming with my friends, Honey, Sars, and the big guy, Okie.  As soon as my mom is asleep, I jump into bed without her even knowing it! My mom is very proud of me because I am FINALLY learning the Refind




Hi, I�m Riley!   I am a Black Labrador Retriever, and my birthday is September 18, 2010.  My dad, Andy Shreck, just calls me Rye, but my big name is Riley Joseph Shreck.  I started working in Search and Rescue when I was 1 year old.  I like to play with my Kong Frisbee and go swimming.  I also live with my mom, Kala, and my little sister Abigail who I also help babysit.  My dad calls me Troublemaker, because I am one.  When I was little, they left me in pappy�s car just to run quickly into the store.  When they came out, they discovered I had chewed mom�s seatbelt in half.  I really like peanut butter, and chewing on shoes.  Dad gave me to my mom on Christmas morning 2010.  She was still in bed and Dad put a big red bow on me and gave me to her.  I jumped right on her and started licking her to wake her up so we could play

Hi!  My name is Apollo and I'm a German Shepherd. I was born 11/10/2011.  I live with my Mom and my little sister Peck.  My favorite game is to play with basically anything you can throw, but I really like to play fetch with a ball.  I have a great nose and and love to find people hiding in the woods.  My mom says I'm a workaholic but I just really like my job!




Hi!  My name is Peck and I'm a Border Collie. I was born    2/15/2015.  I live with my mom and big brother Apollo who is my hero!  Anything he does I have to do too!  I love to play and find people hiding in the woods and love my job! I love to play with all my toys and pest my big brother Apollo.

My name is Scout!  I was born on March 27, 2014.  I was named after the little girl in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird".  A lot of people think I am a boy due to my name, but there are "girl Scouts," too.  I am a Vizsla and live with my mom, uncle (who are also Vizsla dogs), a cat, two horses, my adopted human dad Bill and my handler Chrissy Mazanitis.  My favorite game to play is hide and seek.  I will find you wherever you hide.  I always say:  If you get lost stay in one place, stay warm and dry.  To help searchers find you blow your whistle, and hang bright things. Searchers will be looking for you.  Remember:  Hug a tree and wait for me!


Bella In Memory Of:

Bella 2002-2015 (Border Collie)



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